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Wardrobe HELEN

Helen, the name of true beauty, worth fighting for in every titanic battle.
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FLAMINGO, decorate your inner Zen and fall asleep with a style.
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Wardrobe NORDIC

An artistic model for youngsters and adults with a youthful spirit.
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Wardrobe SENSE

Unconventional innovation, bringing classical charm in your home.
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Wardrobe GRACE

A royal wake-up, guaranteeing a 24-carat glamour in your daily round.
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Wardrobe BIANCA

A fusion of modern and classic details , bringing a feeling for multiformity.
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Спалня Феромона


A wardrobe with sliding doors and an option for smooth closing.
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гардероб с плъзгащи врати

Wardrobe PLASTIC

A masterpiece by the hands of a sculptor-modernist.
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Wardrobe CUBINA

Modernistic, cubic upholstered and thickened surfaces and shapes.
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Гардероб Кредо

Wardrobe CREDO

A wardrobe with sliding doors and upholstery.
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гардероб с плъзгащи врати

Wardrobe ECSTASY

A wardrobe with two sliding doors with a fitted mirror.
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Модули Глос

Wardrobe GLOSS

A streamlined design, which fits perfectly into the contemporary interior.
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Гардероб Виола

Wardrobe VIOLA

A white wardrobe with an entirely upholstered sliding doors.
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Гардероб с огледало Бохемия

Wardrobe BOHEMIA

A wardrobe with a mirror sliding door and LED lighting.
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Wardrobe BELLA

A modern interpretation of classical patterns in furniture design.
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гардероб с плавно затваряне


“Driftwood” wooden structures and wavy stripes in a variety of nuances.
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Гардероб Авантюрин


Curved MDF surfaces create a sensation of safety, lux and comfort.
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