We don’t follow trends, we set them! – Collection 2016/17 is here!

We are more than happy not only to present you, but also gift you the emotion, with which our product designers – Petar Petrov and Gergana Andreeva, has conceptualized and made our models happen. “Je ne sais quoi”, or as French people say “intangible quality, which distinguish”. Each of our new proposals is a synonym for supremacy in design and reflects the beginning of a new tendency. 9 brand new models, 9 nominations for an absolute hit, which are going to awake a tremendous interest among the professionals, interior addicts and the seekers of modern and practical solutions for their home.

We are more than proud to introduce you the long-awaited Catalog 2016/17, including 8 new bedroom sets and 1 new sofa, as well as refreshments and improvements of 8 of our current products.


The flagman of the new collections is just amazing. Bedroom ATLAS impresses with it’s tall upholstered headboard and wide volumes which provide a comfortable place for you and your entire family. A modern interpretation of timeless motives from the furniture design, ATLAS is a model which deserves to be conveyed to the category “future classics”. Take a look at the portfolio of the marketing agency, based in BulgariaDigital marketing services include Facebook, Instagram,
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A bedroom you can’t resist! A fresh addition to our catalog is NORDIC. The Scandinavian minimalistic and cleared of unnecessary details line seemingly predisposes to complete relaxation, but also stimulates the subconscious for playfulness and rebelliousness. NORDIC is an artistic model for youngsters and adults with a youthful spirit, open for non-standard experiences.


Would you mind waking up with a smile on your face every day, experienced something amazing in your sleep! La dolce vita! BIANCA is the required condition for a genuine rest. The smell of wood and unostentatious color combination, the ultimate comfort the upholstered headboard wraps you in, they invite you to just settle…and have a really good sleep. The fusion of modern and classic details bring in home the unique feeling for multiformity and cosiness.


Ingenious solution for your living room is DUET. A sofa in a harmonious colorful combination, offering individuality for every member of the family. Order by your choice, sit wherever you want – DUET is a story about love, regardless of the differences in temperaments. The model is complemented with a comfortable sleeping mechanism and functional chests, which can practically hold your sheets and lingerie.


Your rest is guaranteed! FLAMINGO is a family bedroom, in which you can discover an oasis for the indispensable relax after a long day at work. This model is precisely crafted with a high-quality upholstery, which you can “undress” in need of washing or cleaning. FLAMINGO is provided with an additional extra – a drawer rescuing you from the stress of daily mess up.


We also realized GRACE – a bedroom, which perfectly fits into the “hard to please” taste of the dominating individualist. The artistic design responsively fuses the model into every house interior, bringing in a luxurious impression. A royal wake-up in her chambers guarantees a 24-carat glamour in your daily round.


A key model from our new catalog is SENSE. A bedroom, inspired by the the beauty of nature’s forms. The curved details, used for a first time in a furniture collection, add a sense of artistry, which transforms home from the limits of cubic sharp forms into a comfortable living space of warmth, coziness and leisure. SENSE introduces an unconventional innovation, aiming at returning the classical charm of home as a place for rest, where everyone can heave a sigh of relief from the fast pace of modern life.


We present you HELEN, the name of true beauty, worth fighting for in every titanic battle. A bedroom, so seducing and abducting, in whose embrace you can experience every moment of blissful peace of mind. Upholstered with high-grade textile – a luxurious damask with an incredible softness, Helen is exquisite in every detail. Dramatic, noble, eternal…the victory is in your hands.


For all of you, who love tall upholstered headboards. STOCKHOLM has a height of 57 cm and is equipped with a tall headboard and a lifting mechanism, allowing you to cleverly use the interior of the bed. A high-grade model from our new collection, which fits perfectly into spacious homes.

The distribution of the catalog is starting from the 1st of April. You may also view all the new models at our official website.