Bedroom set FLAMINGO

FLAMINGO, decorate your inner Zen and fall asleep with a style! A family bedroom, in which you can discover an oasis for the indispensable relax after a long day at work. This model is precisely crafted with a high-quality upholstery, which you can “undress” in need of washing or cleaning. FLAMINGO is provided with an additional extra – a drawer rescuing you from the stress of daily mess up.

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Product characteristics

  • An upholstered bed with a levitating platform.
  • High-quality leather. The possibility of hitting yourself in sharp surfaces is avoided.
  • The upholstery can be taken off in order to be washed.
  • Optionally an additional storage container can be bought. It is produced with a zip, which prevents the dust reaching the inside contents.
  • The bed is produced with legs, offering a convenient clean-up of the space below.
  • A bed framework, offering an ergonomic distribution of the weight of the body.
  • A wardrobe with sliding doors, which do not require additional space for their opening. Additional accessories such as inside cabinets, shelves and LED lighting can be purchased.
  • An option for ordering the bed and the wardrobe in different dimensions.