Bedroom set NORDIC

Sex with the beast! Bedroom NORDIC, can you resist the temptation? The Scandinavian minimalistic and cleared of unnecessary details line seemingly predisposes to complete relaxation, but also stimulates the subconscious for playfulness and rebelliousness. NORDIC is an artistic model for youngsters and adults with a youthful spirit, open for non-standard experiences.

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Product characteristics

  • Curved, oval details. A bed with compact dimensions.
  • A headboard with an ergonomic bend.
  • A lifting mechanism offering you an additional storage space.
  • A bed framework, offering an ergonomic distribution of the weight of the body.
  • Ventilation vents providing a prevention against mold and house dust mite.
  • Night stands with two drawers with a push to open mechanism.
  • Cabinet with three drawers and a push to open mechanism.
  • A wardrobe with sliding doors, which do not require additional space for their opening. Additional accessories such as inside cabinets, shelves and LED lighting can be purchased.
  • An option for ordering the bed and the wardrobe in different dimensions.